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We are proudly serving rental property owners and tenants in the Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Bernalillo, and Los Lunas area.

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What does Brickleys have to offer?

Residential property management the way it is meant to be.

Brickleys is changing the way property management is done. While others are stubbornly clinging to old ways, Brickleys is bringing the 21st Century to residential income properties. Who benefits? All of us. Tenants, owners, and property managers all get to share in the benefits of the rental home industry when the right company is part of your team.

The real estate industry changed dramatically in the wake of 2008’s economic distress. The property managers who haven’t adapted to the new real estate landscape are getting passed by (along with their customers). Here is an overview of how others stack up against Brickleys, and how we can better serve you in the Albuquerque and Rio Rancho metro area.

Brickleys: Quality First

At Brickleys we are not obsessed with quantity. We are focused on quality. The idea is the better we serve our customers in each office location, the more we will grow. It is about efficiency and effectiveness, not the number of heads in cubicles

Brickleys: Relevant Experience

While Brickleys was founded by experienced business owners and real estate professionals, most of our rental home experience comes from post-recession property management. Things aren’t what they used to be. It is the adaptable, forward looking company that benefits its customers.

Brickleys: Whole-office Team

Brickleys gives you the whole office to support the property you own or are renting. While each office staff member has specific skills and tasks, all of them are trained to answer questions about the property, keep communication flowing, and step into other staff roles when needed.

Brickleys: Technology and Efficency

Brickleys makes helpful technology a priority. It’s about using the best tool for the job. In our technology-centric age, everything from mobile friendly advertising, tenant applications and contract signing, to tracking, reporting, and even maintenance, all benefit from technology we use. Additionally we’re constantly researching what’s next to stay a leader of the industry.

Brickleys: Corporate Accountability

Brickleys operates on the franchise model…and that’s a good thing. Every office is accountable to the home office for their operations, professionalism, and ethics. This ensures we are building a company that lasts and will continue to provide our customers the benefits they expect. If a manager can’t reliably offer quality and trust, they can’t be a part of the Brickleys brand.

Others: More is Better?

Others boast of “largest staff” and “most properties managed”. Unfortunately, this doesn’t automatically translate into quality service. In fact, the more focused on quantity a management company becomes, the more the customer is just a number.

Others: Old is Better?

Another odd boast, “we’ve been around longer” is common in the industry. Again, if these companies are holding on to pre-recession methods and mentalities, the customers are the ones who suffer. There are a lot of myths in the “old way” that are a detriment to today’s success.

Others: Property Specific Managers

A typical property management setup is to have dedicated managers assigned to specific properties. Sounds good, but what happens when that person is sick, on vacation, or quits? Segregated property workflows lead to poor communication and important matters falling through the cracks.

Others: Myth and Fear

The attitude of “if it aint broke, don’t fix it” is prevalent in property management. The problem is that many practices are “broke” and nobody will admit it to fix it. They stick with what they’ve always done out of fear and belief in myth. This often translates as refusal to adapt new tools and business practices that ultimately benefit themselves and their customers.

Others: Sand Castles

Some companies also operate as franchise but focus on rapid expansion, very little support, and deliver cheap services for cheap fees. Other national companies split their focus with multiple services and can’t deliver the quality you need. Lastly some one-office contenders operate in a vacuum and are only accountable to themselves. All this is on the brink of washing away with the changing tides of the industry.

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